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Breda Airport now offers AVGAS UL94, a new, more environmentally friendly fuel

Bosschenhoofd, June 27, 2024

Since early May, Breda International Airport has become the first airport in the Netherlands to start offering Avgas UL94. This new fuel is similar to other aviation fuels but without the ingredient TEL (Tetraethyl lead). This makes this new fuel more environmentally friendly. The designation UL means “unleaded,” or lead-free.

Director Jan Voeten explains: “As a regional airport, we are strongly aware of our social role and explicitly wish to play a pioneering role. After a thorough analysis, it turned out that this fuel can be used by the majority of the aircraft flying at Breda Airport or calling at our airport.”

By offering this new fuel alongside the classic Avgas100LL, Breda Airport offers pilots an interesting alternative. Furthermore, the pump price is currently 50 Eurocents per liter lower than traditional aviation fuel.

“UL94 is a certified aviation fuel that has all the qualitative characteristics of the classic AVGAS but without TEL”, Sven Schepers, Director of fuel distributor Check Six continues. “It allows airports to fly a large part of their fleet using a more environmentally friendly fuel variant without having to make costly technical modifications to the aircraft, and at a price that is considerably lower than the classic fuel. In other words, literally a win-win situation.”

Social Sofa project at Spotter's place

Now that the sun is shining and more is slowly possible again due to gradual lifting of covid restrictions, Halderberge is slowly starting up again. People go out for cycling and walking. One of the places in Halderberge where you can relax is the spotter’s place at Breda International Airport.

By initiative of Breda International Airport, this location will be developed in the coming months into a wonderful meeting place for spotters, cyclists, walkers and motorcyclists. Thanks to a contribution from the Economic Dome Halderberge and Visit Halderberge, a meeting place with social sofas and a social wall is being created here.

Build together
This community art project is designed in a competition with artisits of Halderberge and the surrounding area. The Social Sofa is a project to get to know the neighborhood and its surroundings and to improve the quality of life by covering sofas together with mosaic stones. There are banks all over the world based on this Tilburg idea.

CALL: designers and creatives wanted!
There is no better time to start this initiative. The corona crisis is coming to an end and we long for contact and togetherness. Halderberg artists are asked to make designs for the wall, sofa and stools. Are you creative and do you want to see your design immortalized at the spotter’s spot? 

More information
Take a look at the Facebook page of Social Sofa Halderberge for more information about the designs, submitting designs and to register as a volunteer for the mosaics.

For more information about the Spottersplaats Breda International Airport project, please contact Sheldon:

Tel: 06-40059184

Breda International Airport vaccination location in West Brabant

Photo: BN-de stem

The GGD West-Brabant set up four extra locations in April where people can get a vaccine against the corona virus. The new locations are Breepark Breda, Roosendaal, Almkerk and Breda International Airport in Bosschenhoofd. This brings the total number of vaccination sites in the region to six.

At the airport in Bosschenhoofd, 2 hangars have been prepared as a puncture location. The location at Breda International Airport will be operational at the beginning of May.

The breepark location has been in use for several weeks.
The vaccination site is on the south side of the airport.

Entrance is at the terminal on the Bredasebaan. There is ample space for parking, the location is also accessible by bicycle.

Breda International Airport, together with Breda Aviation, restaurant Bargo and Forum Group, are extremely proud to be able to contribute to the fight against corona in this way.

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