Breda International Airport has many companies in the aviation industry located on the site. The unique location as well as a convenient location – next to the A58 – makes it a suitable location for working or meeting.


AEC Air Support B.V.
A young and dynamic company specialized in aviation maintenance. AEC Air Support focuses on both private and government institutions and supports training in operational conditions and times. Knowing more? Visit the website of AEC Air Support B.V.

AEC Medicals B.V.
A certified center that is allowed to perform aero-medical examinations. Knowing more? Visit the AEC Medicals website.

APS Europe
Focused on addressing flight safety concerns for over three decades. Simply described: APS Europe helps pilots to get everyone safely to their destination. Want to know? Visit the website of APS Europe.

Braincap Software & Services
Service provider in IT and software. Focuses on Aviation Logistics and Avionics producing companies. Knowing more? Visit the Braincap Software & Services website.

Breda Aviation
Searching for a professional flight training? That is possible at Breda Aviation. Breda Aviation is the largest ATO (Approved Training Organization) in the south of The Netherlands. sightseeing flight with the family or an original outing with customers? : Breda Aviation is the right place. Knowing more? Visit the website of Breda Aviation.

CNE air
Aviation advertising: advertise your company, campaign or personal message. CNE Air’s home base is Midden Zeeland airport and between Roosendaal and Breda in North Brabant. Knowing more? Visit the CNE air website.

Eutronix B.V.
A leading importer and distributor of mobile hardware solutions for, among others, aviation. Eutronix (Netherlands) also offers professional services around the use of (mobile) equipment. Knowing more? Visit the Eutronix website.

Forum Group B.V.
A real estate investment fund for social real estate and development-related real estate. After the acquisition of Breda International Airport in 2008, intensive investments were made in aviation companies. Knowing more? Visit the website of Forum Group B.V.

Glider Equipment
Sells all possible parts in the field of gliding. A number of maintenance rooms are rented out at Breda International Airport, complete with tools that are specifically required for maintenance. Knowing more? Visit the Glider Equipment website.

Mastenbroek Aeroskill B.V.
Aviation maintenance professionals. Specialized in maintenance and repairs. Knowing more? Visit the website of Mastenbroek Aeroskill B.V.

MGC 25
Flying club that uses a modern touring motor glider (TMG). Knowing more? Visit MGC 225 website.

Orange Aircraft
Orange Craft specializes in the engineering and production of airframes for GA aircraft, aerobatic aircraft and UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles or drones). Knowing more? Visit the Orange Aircraft website.

Invests, develops and supplies modern flight simulator systems. Think of screens and instruments for Boeing, Airbus and the military market (Hawk, A-10 and F-16). Read more? Visit the website of PBSIM B.V.

QMOSS service & repair center. Here, defective devices are repaired. QMOSS is a partner of Eutronix. Knowing more? Visit the QMOSS website.

Skydive ENPC
Here you can find everything that has to do with skydiving: tandem jumping, following your own training and booking demonstrations. Skydive ENPC is the oldest parachute association in the Netherlands. Knowing more? Visit the Skydive ENPC website.

SXI – Southern Cross International B.V.
Aviation service provider in, among other things, ferry flights, test flights, Special Mission Operations, consultancy and support for flight operations. Knowing more? Visit the website of SXI – Southern Cross International B.V.

TTC Seppe
Training center aimed at professional pilots who want to improve in the areas of: knowledge, skills and awareness of (the loss of) control. Knowing more? Visit the website of TTC Seppe.

Vliegclub Seppe
The members of this flying club are aviation enthusiasts who want to (learn to) fly in a club. The club also has its own aircraft that can be rented at cost price. Knowing more? Visit the website of Vliegclub Seppe.

Vliegwerk Holland BV is an EASA Part 145 and FAA approved maintenance and repair station for the General Aviation.

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