Ehse – Hoeven / Seppe

AD Info:
120.655 Seppe Radio

ARP co-ordinates and site at AD:
51°33’17″N 004°33’09″E

Direction and distance from (city):
7 NM W from Breda

Elevation/reference temperature:
30 ft AMSL/21.3°C.

Types of traffic permitted (IFR/VFR):

AD operator:
MON-SAT: 0700-1900 UTC – winter (0600-1800 UTC – summer),
but within UDP;
SUN, HOL: 0800-1900 UTC – winter (0700-1800 UTC – summer)
but within UDP.
Outside OPR HR within UDP: O/R, 24 HR PNR.

Fuel/oil types:
100 LL, Jet A1, Euro 98 unleaded/ W100, 15W50, 5W40 (diesel)

Fuelling facilities/capacity:
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Landing Fees and Parking Fees

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All types of airplanes and helicopters can go to Breda International Airport for their fuel and specific lubricants. See below for a selection of our fuels.

Fuel types

  • Avgas 100LL (Storage capacity 30.000 liters)
  • Jet A-1 (Storage capacity 20.000 liters)
  • Mogas-98 

Oil types

  • 15W50
  • 5W30
  • W100plus

Fuels and lubricants are supplied by Breda International Airport and meet the highest possible quality standard. Storage tanks for kerosene and other fuels are checked daily by Breda International Airport for the presence of foreign substances and corrosion.

Free bicycles

Breda International Airport offers visiting pilots and passengers the opportunity to use a loan bicycle. Based on request and availability, you can use these services for free when you have landed at Breda International Airport. Handy when you go to a meeting, hotel or event near the airport.

Tip: take the bike. The perfect way to discover the area!

Availability and reservations
Do you have questions about the availability of the rental bikes, or about making a reservation? Contact the Airport Authority of Breda International Airport on 0031 (0) 165 31 24 70.

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