Breda International Airport is a very suitable airport for business aviation. The central location between Rotterdam and Antwerp has many advantages for efficient and fast travel.

An additional advantage is the small scale of the airport. This ensures, among other things, that it is possible to minimize the travel time. There are no queues and there is ample free parking at the airport.

By strictly guaranteeing privacy on board, it is possible to hold (confidential) meetings and negotiations during the voyage.

You can book business trips through Breda International Airport and are facilitated by Fly Aeolus and Blue Sky Aviation.

Fly Aeolus

Traveling by private plane? That is possible with Fly Aeolus. For both private travel activities and business flights: our air taxis can land at smaller airports closer to your departure and arrival address. Fly Aeolus can serve more than 1,600 airports in Europe at a fraction of the price of a private jet. There is always an airport available within a 20-minute drive of your departure point or destination. Fly Aeolus is highly valued for its professional responsiveness in providing affordable both private and business flights. Looking for a flight in a private jet? Check out all the destinations and prices on the website of Fly Aeolus!  

Blue Aviation

Join the club! At Blue Sky Aviation you fly with your own private aircraft, without purchasing an individual aircraft.

As a partner (co-partner) of Blue Sky Aviation, you can reach your destination in an affordable, transparent and safe way by plane – in your own aircraft.

Want to know more about the conditions and planes?
Read more about Blue Sky Aviation here.

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